Mold. . .
A Conscientious Approach

moldCertainly you have seen various articles regarding this topic or have had personal experience with mold.  However, if you encounter mold in connection with a water damage claim, it can be confusing who’s advice to follow. Typically, the insurance carrier, one or more contractors, and perhaps a mold remediation company will be involved. And, in some instances several more parties are giving advice.

Opinions differ widely on how mold situations should be addressed.  However, it is a serious health concern, and some would argue it is a matter of public policy that mold in indoor environments is addressed and resolved on a priority basis.

Consider the investment you have in your building, home, or condominium along with your personal belongings.  Any time you have water damage to your home, consider the convenience of someone working for you to pursue your insurance carrier for what is due to eradicate any mold.  A Claim Master One Licensed Public Adjuster will help you make the best decisions and obtain the best recovery for your mold damaged property.