Q: What is a Public Adjuster?

A:  A public adjuster is licensed by the State to represent the party who’s property was damaged in settling a claim.  While the insurance company has their employee or designee  representing the insurance company’s interests, there are times where an insured needs help in obtaining the best possible settlement under any particular set of circumstances.   A public adjuster is your consumer advocate.


Q:   My condo or auto was damaged by someone else and I am having trouble collecting from their insurance company. Can a public adjuster help?

A:   Yes!  A public adjuster can help you obtain a settlement you likely would not have been able to obtain on your own.  Because the founder and President is a former insurance company employee, Claim Master One can help you recover what others can’t!


Q:    There was water damage in my home and now it is starting to smell moldy.  The insurance carrier stated mold isn’t covered and denied my claim.  Can a Public Adjuster help me?

A:  Yes, in many instances a public adjuster can help!  An In-Person Consultation from Claim Master One will help you sort out your options.  If we are formally retained, Claim Master One will go the extra mile and obtain the best overall settlement.


Q:    I need help but am hesitant to pay a fee.  Wouldn’t I be better off working with the insurance company on my own?

A: Insurance company claims handling procedures vary widely.  However, certain principles of insurance are tried and true.  Most insurance policies are complex documents that are sometimes misunderstood by the various parties involved in the process.  A public adjuster is able to recover based on all the hidden ‘options’ your policy contains that are unknown to you!  Claim Master One is uniquely qualified to help you obtain the best overall settlement of your claim.


Q:  I am having trouble with my neighbor and Association in sorting out who is responsible for what repairs in my condominium.  Can a public adjuster help me?

A:  Yes!  Situations where property damage originates from a common area or neighboring unit can become especially complicated.  Claim Master One will help you reach agreements with the representatives for the various parties so you can repair your property and get your life back to normal.


Q:  The insurance company that is processing my auto claim wrote an estimate that the shop says is missing several items.  Do I have to accept the insurance company’s estimate?

A:  You may have obtained prompt service, but it may be less than good service if the estimate does not cover the work needed to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition.  Claim Master One will obtain an estimate for you and attempt to secure approval for the entire amount to repair your car properly.


Q:  The body shop where I took my car says they will work with the insurance carrier to obtain payment for repairs.  Should I still consider help from a Public Adjuster?

A:  This situation occurs frequently in the auto claims process.  Keep in mind that many shops are very good in negotiating and obtaining payment for what is needed to return your car to pre-accident condition.  Others are less aggressive in replacing parts with original factory parts instead of a less expensive repair.  As vehicles are becoming increasingly complex, there are times where it is wise to have someone independent of the claims process involved that has only your interests in mind.  A public adjuster is a great choice to help make sure your car is repaired to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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