My Claim was Denied. . .
Is There Anything I Can Do?

Often times, you can.  Claims are denied for various reasons.  There are numerous situations that fall within a ‘gray area’ or where more there is more than one cause of the loss.  Certainly, some denials are justified and appropriate for the situation presented.  However, some claims are denied without policy language to support it.

Think about your yearly cost for the various policy premiums you have to pay–Windstorm, Homeowners or Unit-owners, Flood, Auto, and perhaps Marine.  If you do not think your commercial building, home, condominium, auto or yacht claim was handled according to the terms and conditions of your policy, it is wise to retain Claim Master One to pursue everything for you.

If you are involved in a situation where someone else damaged your vehicle, boat, structure, or personal belongings, you must document the damages in a format the insurance company will understand and recognize.   A Claim Master One Public Adjuster will help you make the best decisions and obtain the best recovery for your property.

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